FAQ-Can you really fit in that bed?

So a FAQ, can you really fit in that bed?!

A Talbot express is exactly 6ft wide just above the wheel arches, the body curves out at this point, then back in a bit further up. We designed our bed frame to sit on top of the wheel arches, we made the foam headboard before getting the mattress. The plan was to buy a piece of foam for a mattress, then we were gifted a foam mattress with memory foam layer, which was deeper than we planned for, but OMG so comfy, and we could not afford to look a gift horse in the mouth! So this took the width down a fraction as it was now above the widest part of the van. At 5ft 6 it's perfect for me, Scott is 6ft, he's left a cubby hole for his feet, the wall is insulated with silver bubble and topped with a layer of carpet for comfort. Whilst he can't lay out poker straight, he's had better nights sleep in the van than in our super king size at home. This being said after a long days hiking, sometimes you do wanna stretch out, so we are looking into getting a slimmer mattress to get the full length of the bed back.

*UPDATE* We have created a new layout for the bed, with an extension. So we now sleep with our pillows at the door end. And we get to keep our super comfy mattress this way! View the bed set up in this video created by The Indie Projects:


What do you think? Any Questions?