Want to contribute to Explorer Buddies?

We put hours and hours of production time into creating our films and will continue to do so, as we love making them.

As full time students, fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and film making equipment is expensive. Our films are self funded and this has been financially challenging for us.

Should you feel like you want to contribute to Explorer Buddies, we have set up a donation page. Any monies received will be gratefully received and go directly into our Florence fund, to be used to continue developing the quality of our films and delivering you new content. Visit this link Donation page

We have also created a range of merchandise featuring Ellie’s unique designs, including T-shirts, which we make a profit of between £3-£5 on each sale. Visit our Shop

Watching our adverts on our YouTube films can help, we earn an average of $1-$2 per 1000 views. Over the coming year we will be looking at ways of gaining the resources we need to continue producing and improving our films, without compromising them. Should you have any ideas for us, please do get in touch

What do you think? Any Questions?