Where have Explorer Buddies gone?…

We have been really touched by the kind emails we have received from many of our loyal followers, asking us… Where have you gone?

In September 2019; Ellie got offered a full time teaching role, as a lecturer for students on the autism spectrum. As she embarked on this new venture, life got very busy for her! As any of you who watch our films will know, we put a lot of work into our films. It takes Ellie an average 2 days to edit an episode, that is after the time spent on the road capturing the footage. With this new heavy work schedule, when Ellie had down time, she needed to spend that getting rest and recuperation! Lockdown did not bring the break, some teachers might have seen, the college Ellie works for, instantly adapted and lessons went on as normal, only online! It has been one hell of a year for a new teacher!

Scott will continue to make the occasional video of his wild camping trips and we will still post pictures and stories on Instagram, to keep people updated of our now less frequent adventures in Florence. But as for our Florence and the Morgan films, these are now on an indefinite hiatus. We loved our experience of making films and whilst we were both full time film and media students, we had the time to do it. Sadly, despite what some may assume, YouTube does not pay the bills. We barely ever covered a fraction of the expenses of our trips, you can only continue producing content for free for so long, before you have to get realistic and practical.

Thank you for being there with us, during our adventures, your support has been incredible. We still have Florence and maybe we will see you on the road sometime?

What do you think? Any Questions?