About us

Florence and the Morgans

Scott and Ellie Morgan met each other in 2011 through their mutual love for creative, conceptual portrait photography. First came love, then came marriage, then come Florence the camper van! Read more about how Florence came into our lives here Weekend Warriors 

The Morgans have been changing creative direction in the last year, developing their photography skills into film making, studying for a degree in the subject in the South West of England. They are parents, friends, explorers, adventurers, creators and daydreamers, with child-like souls.


Florence is a 1990 Fiat Ducato camper van, discovered unloved on a strangers driveway, the Morgans convinced her owners to sell her to them. They lovingly remodelled her interior in just 6 short weeks, creating a cosy and rustic, home from home. Fuelling their passion for the Vanlife culture and taking them on regular weekend warrior trips, off-grid to remote locations.

Ellie Morgan

Ellie is a doting Mother to a teenager. Ellie loves all things creative and is never happier than when she is making something, be it crafting, costume making, cooking, writing, photography, film making, she likes to always have a project on the go. She loves to be in the mountains, but prefers to enjoy it from the comfort of Florence the camper van, with day hike excursions. Recently she has been focusing on developing her film making skills. You can view Ellies photography work at her Facebook page

Scott Morgan

Scott is one of this worlds lost boys, always ready for a new adventure. A keen hiker with a particular passion for the mountains. He loves to wild camp in remote places carrying all he needs in his back pack often undertaking solo expeditions. He Vlogs his adventures on his you tube channel Scott Free, incorporating his love for photography and footage taken with his Drone. A creative landscape and portrait photographer since 2008, Scott has been developing his skills in film making recently. View Scotts photography work at his Facebook page Scott Morgan Photography and follow him on Instagram